Faculty of Science and Education

History of FASE

The Faculty of Science and Education was established in 2008. However, the Bachelor of Education (Mathematics) programme started earlier than this that is in 2001. Currently FASE runs ten different programmes at undergraduate and graduate levels.

Mission statement

The mission of this Faculty is to prepare students to meet recognized professional qualifications, and prepare them for further professional and postgraduate studies. In addition to equipping students with the skills and knowledge needed to be successful in their professions, the Faculty is dedicated to developing individuals who possess ethical and professional attitudes and behaviour.


Programmes offered

For more than a decade the Faculty of Science and Education (FASE) has devoted itself to teaching courses in education and Information Technology. We also offer Masters courses in Education and have a one year Post graduate Diploma in Education. These courses attract students from our institution and other institutions in the country. In addition, our Diploma and Certificate programmes in Information Technology have become popular among secondary school graduates.

Courses in these programmes expose students to employment worldwide, as well preparing them for advancement for further studies in their related fields. Our approach to teaching has always emphasized field training.


Department of Education

Master in Education- Curriculum Development and Teaching (MEDU-CDT)

Master in Education-Policy, Planning and Administration (MEDU-PPA)

Master in Education – Assessment and Evaluation (MEDU-AE)

Post Graduate Diploma in Education- Administration (PGDEA)

Post Graduate Diploma in Education- Teaching (PGDET)

Bachelor of Education (Mathematics)

Bachelor of Education (Arts)


Department of Information Technology

Bachelor Information Technology

Diploma in Information Technology

Certificate in Information Technology


Faculty profile

  • PhD holders 30%
  • PhD candidates 30%
  • Master’s degree 40%

Connect with us

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  E-Mail: uoi@uoi.ac.tz