Faculty of Psychology

The Faculty of Psychology at the University of Iringa (UoI) was founded in 2013. Previously however, it was the Department of Counseling in the Faculty of Theology since 2004.The decision to delimit the subject Psychology from Theology was driven by the need to strengthen the wider view of Psychology to suit the Tanzanian society. Currently, the faculty accommodates approximately 100 students and the number is steadily growing. Psychology is a science that focuses on how people think, feel, and behave. It is the faculty’s mission to contribute knowledge and provide effective educational and practical experiences about behavior and mental processes that enrich psychology in areas of counselling psychology, educational psychology, social psychology, industrial/organizational and mental health. We achieve these goals through classroom instruction, professional development opportunities in practicum & counselling services, consultation services, mentoring, and research activities. The Faculty is involved in activity carried out for the benefit of the external environment, such as aiding the needy, offering counselling and psychotherapy consultations, popularizing certain ways of perception and comprehension of social phenomena while recognizing the right to diversity of views and ideas.


Our programs

Faculty of psychology runs counseling psychology courses at various levels as briefly described


Certificate in counselling psychology

The certificate programme in counselling psychology is a skill – oriented programme built on a firm theoretical knowledge base. It allows the learners to acquire competence in the knowledge of psychology and counselling skills and to utilize the blended competences in counselling psychology fields of the students’ choice, both in class and in the community.


 Diploma in counselling psychology

The conceptualization of this  programme has been driven  by a number  of considerations namely, the market demand, the  need  to create another catchment area from which to get candidates for the ongoing Bachelor of Counselling psychology programme  and  the  advice of the Tanzania Commission for Universities Technical Team who were of the view that  our B.Couns programme could  provide openings for smaller  programmes.


Bachelor of counseling psychology

This programme aims to: Train students in counselling skills and prepare them for a variety of helping roles:  Counselling of individuals, couples, and families; facilitate personal development groups; counselling at work places, mediation and conflict resolution. Provide adequate knowledge of relevant disciplines as solid scientific foundations for students to build their counselling skills upon. Provide both personal and professional development in the context of vibrant, supportive learning community of faculty and students. Integrate theory and practice in a highly interactive learning community.


Masters of Science in counseling psychology

This program intends to produce counselors with the ability to facilitate counseling sessions with clients who present with various psychological issues. This will enable health and other counseling facilities employ trained counselors with the competence to remedy psychological problems in clients. It is through such a program that the bio psychosocial approach to health as recommended by the WHO will be implemented.

Our counseling facility

The university of Iringa is one the few universities in Tanzania with the well established counseling facility, funded by the BUSCO project, the facility has various sections for a homely reception, family, couple and group session units, children’s unit, individual sessions and a control room that allows observation of sessions and supervision under ethical conditions. Feel free to visit us

Connect with us

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